The Barna Group has reported, "Born-again Christians are just as likely to get divorced as are non-born again adults."
70% of young criminals come from one-parent families.
The health related cost of abuse by domestic partners exceeds $5.8 billion each year in the US alone.
Well over half of teenage pregnancies come from broken homes.
Divorce and out-of-wedlock childbearing cost more than $112 billion a year in US taxes.
Youth from broken homes are three times more likely to drop out of high school.
Help For Today!  Hope For Tomorrow!
"And hope does not disappoint..." Romans 5:5
Family Life!
Kevin & Colleen Green are very excited to be part of a new strategy Family Life is implementing in the Red River Region, providing practical, Biblical resources to bring help and hope to marriages and families in need.
After pastoring for approximately five years, GOD led the Greens to Dallas Theological Seminary where Kevin completed his Master of Theology.  GOD then confirmed their calling into marriage and family ministry and soon after they joined Family Life, a subsidiary of Campus Crusade for CHRIST.
"Broken homes are an overwhelming problem in our society and we are humbled and blessed by the opportunity to reach people for CHRIST through the platform of marriage and family." says Kevin.
Kevin & Colleen must build a team of partners who will commit to give monthly to support their ministry.  They believe GOD has called them to Family Life and as HE calls, HE will provide.  Please prayerfully ask the LORD how you can help.  Many folks frown at giving money to 'home missions'.  But they must realize that broken marriages and broken homes leads to less and less giving to world missions as well as less and less missionaries to send.  In fact, America is now the recipient of more missionaries than any other country in the world.  According to a news report by Reuters, the United States sends---and receives---more Christian missionaries abroad than any other country on the planet.  According to Todd Johnson, director of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, in 2010 the U.S.. sent out one out of every four missionaries---127,000 of the world's estimated 400,000 missionaries. In distant second place is Brazil, which sent 34,000 missionaries abroad.  So as we reach marriages and families here in America with the hope of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST, then we know that more funds as well as more missionaries will be sent to the ends of the earth.
Kevin & Colleen's Commitment to support partners:
To work diligently to touch the lives of people for JESUS CHRIST.
To regularly let you know how GOD is blessing the ministry.
To share prayer concerns with one another.
To equip you with tools and resources to provide help and hope to those around you.
    "GOD is looking for people through whom HE can do the impossible.   What  a pity we plan to do the things we can only do by ourselves.."                                                   A.W.Tozer
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